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LEWD Tohru (Dragon Maid) Photoset

Blackberry Cosplay

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LEWD Tohru (Dragon Maid) Photoset
LEWD Tohru (Dragon Maid) Photoset
A past Patreon photoset, professionally shot by Cerberus Fotos. Featuring a favorite waifu, Tohru from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. Two photosets in this download. In a cozy home, Tohru strips down to some cheeky and sexy light pink lingerie, then later a tiny apron that doesn't seem to cover a whole lot. After a long day of cooking and cleaning, its time Tohru relaxes in a hot tub wearing a polka dot bikini that leaves little to the imagination *Lewd but no nudity

Release date: April 2018

Number of images: 22

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