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Private Snapchat

Blackberry Cosplay

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Private Snapchat
Private Snapchat
Private Snapchat
Private Snapchat
Private Snapchat
Private Snapchat
Private Snapchat

This is a one time payment to have my snap for life. For discounted rates, pledge to my Patreon.

My private snapchat. This snapchat will have daily images and videos containing; bts of my latest photoshoots, convention adventures, lewd content, and nude content. This snapchat will not have any sexually explicit content ie. sex or masturbation. This is a one time purchase that gives you my snapchat for life.

When checking out, please place your username in the "Notes" section. Once your purchase has been processed, I will add the username provided. Please allow up to 24 hours to be added.

When you complete your purchase, a README file will be downloaded. Inside is a repeat of the rules, and additional directions if you did not send your username during checkout.

By agreeing to this purchase, you are agreeing to these few simple rules;

1. I will not be allowing screenshots of the content posted, anyone seen
taking screenshots will be blocked immediately with no refund.

2. The content I will be posting will, of course, contain plenty of lewd
and nude content. I ask that you remain respectful. Meaning, this snapchat
is not here for you to reply to or send me any sexually explicit or inappropriate messages.

By all means respond telling me how you're enjoying the content,
compliments, or even just a friendly hello! Any messages I deem derogatory or
explicit will result in an immediate ban. Thank you for your understanding.

3. This snap username is exclusive ONLY to Patreon, and
Of course, I have the ability to deny and block any other user trying to add me
if they did not make this purchase, or if they are not a part of my Patreon. Understand that I do not want random adds from people who are not supporting me on this platform.

Thank you! Enjoy! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at